"Meet Wanleatha"

Commit thy way unto the Lord

Wanleatha Baker

Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Intercessor, Entrepreneur, and Published Author

Wanleatha Baker is a licensed and ordained Evangelist, Pastor and Prophetess.
Wanleatha Baker accepted the Lord in her life in 1989. In the early nineties she accepted her call to the ministry sitting under the tutelage of the
(late) Honorable Bishop Walter E. Jordan Sr. in Mansfield, Oh. She relocated to Dallas, TX and sat under the tutelage of the Honorable Bishop T. D. Jakes.
She has preached  through out the United States from the East coast to the West coast. She is also an International Prophetess and a Missionary having preached in Haiti, and The Dominican Republic.

Prophetess Baker has preached on T.V. ~ INCREASE THE PEACE ~ as well as God's Spiritual Pentagon on
THE NOW NETWORK television broad cast, and PLUS MINUS 60 TELEVISION.
Prophetess has also preached on several radio stations proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
She is a published author of TAKING IT TO THE STREETS a street witnessing guide book, her second book entitled, Secrets in a Dark Room and Vanity Love.  Her 4th book THE KINGDOM AGENDA will be released early 2020.

Prophetess has served in a number of capacities to include but not limited to being the founder of the “The Salt Shakers” evangelistic ministry, tent revivals, out reach ministry, an Intercessory Leader and  a
workshop facilitator as well as a Sunday School teacher.  Prophetess Baker is also a praise dance and flags teacher. The ministries that God has entrusted her with is Holistic and can’t be confined to a certain area.
Prophetess educational background entails a Bachelor of Criminal Law & Forensic Science and a Bachelor in Divinity and an Associates degree in
Criminal Law & Business. Prophetess Baker’s primary desire is that she has the same testimony as Enoch and that is that God be please with her entire life.